Solid Fuels

Our high quality and affordably priced fuel comes pre-packed in sizes 20kg, 25kg, 40kg and 50kg .

Bituminous fuel for open fires

Premium Coal
A high quality coal sourced from Columbia.
Colombian coal is recognized worldwide for its low ash and sulphur contents, high volatile components, and calorific value.

Premium Doubles
A medium sized coal sourced from Columbia with the same high quality properties as Premium Coal.

Approximately ¾ of an inch in diameter this version of Columbian coal packs closely together which results in prolonged burning.

Economy Coal
A fine coal sourced from England with a medium ash content and calorific value.

Economy Doubles
A medium sized coal sourced from England with the same properties as Economy Coal.

Our own unique blend of doubles and petcoke this product burns with exceptional heat and has a low ash content.

Smokeless fuel for open fire

Compressed blocks of lignite which lights easily burns very well and has a medium ash content.

A petcoke made from oil residues, which is high in heat and low in ash.

Our own special blend of Clearflame and Nuggets. The high percentage of Clearflame ensures minimal ash while still benefiting from the elevated heat levels gained from the two fuels burning together.

Smokeless fuel for glass fronted fires

A low quality Anthracite which burns with great heat. It lasts exceptionally long so is great value for money.